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Grimas Professional Special Effects Makeup

Latex face extensions

Grimas Professional 3D makeup

The Grimas range of latex face extenisons includes noses, chins and other specialised shapes. The extensions all have fine feather edges to help you blend them seamlessly onto the actor's face. 

They are attached using Mastix Extra and removed with Mastix Extra Remover.  

Full use instructions are in the ShowMakeup Online Manual.

Cut on nose makeup

Grimas Professional casualty makeup

The Grimas range of makeup for wound simulation, bruising and scarring includes various types of artificial blood, dermawax and specialised makeup colours. 

These high quality products are used by casualty simulation artists and in horror makeup.

Crepe hair moustache and sideburns

Grimas Professional crepe hair

Grimas crepe hair is a high quality wool crepe with exceptionally long staple length. This makes it easier to blend colours and so create more realistic beards and moustaches.

Small moustaches and beards can be attached with Mastix Water Soluable.  Use Mastix Extra for heavier false hair pieces.

Full use instructions are in the ShowMakeup Online Manual.

Hag makeup with discoloured and missing teeth

Grimas Professional tooth colour makeup

Grimas tooth colouring enamel is an alcohol-based varnish with excellent adhesion to natural teeth.  It can be removed by rubbing with a tissue dampened with an alcoholic liquid.

Fitting a bald head cap

Grimas Professional bald head cap

Grimas professional baldhead caps are made from translucent, flexible plastic designed for once only use. They can be used to achieve highly realistic effects which can withstand close up work.