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Grimas professional makeup and face paint products

Face painting introductory kit!


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These kits are an excellent introduction to professional quality face paints at a discounted price.

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Grimas Professional face paint

Grimas face paints have tremendous covering power making them very economical for use in professional face painting. The colours are rub-resistant yet easy to remove with tepid water and skin wash.

Grimas Face and Body Makeup

Grimas cake makeup, cream makeup and liquid foundation is suitable for theatrical makeup artists and bride and beauty work and photographers. The range includes colours especially for stage, ballet, TV, film, photography, weddings and day wear for all skin types and lighting conditions.

Grimas Tattoo Cover

Grimas camouflage makeup is extremely opaque. This makes it ideal for covering up extreme colour differences such as tattoos and skin marks.

Grimas special effects makeup

Look here for 3D latex face extensions like false noses and ears. The Grimas range of casualty simulation makeup includes Dermawax, stage blood and bruise and shock colours.

This section includes crepe hair for making beards and moustaches as well a a comprehensive guide to fitting a baldhead cap.

Grimas Eye Makeup

Grimas Professional eyeshadow and rouge is an intensely coloured pressed powder for application to the skin to create a colour, shadow or highlighting effect.

Grimas Professional Lipsticks

Grimas Professional lipstick is unperfumed and gluten-free. This colour-intensive lipstick is used for stage work, film, TV and photography and for Bride and Beauty makeup.

Fixing, removing & skin care

Here you can complete the makeup job with professional quality fixing powders, removers and skin care products.

Grimas brushes and tools

Complete the job with professional quality removers, brushes, sponges and other tools.